Reticular Activating system

This mental phenomenon is known as the bias of observation and is
a brain function known as the reticular activation system or RAS. Your RAS station has critical functions, one of which is a filter. At any given moment, your brain is loaded with billion data. Your RAS quickly draws conclusions about what it should and shouldn’t see. As soon as you find out about something, such as owning a car, your brain stops filtering the car and suddenly filtered data is displayed. The cognitive distortions of the car were not due to more occurrences on the road, but by the fact that the RAS was no longer ignoring them.

Since your brain does not perceive reality well, a great cascade of false conclusions arises, generating misconceptions. False beliefs cause false actions. Erroneous actions lead to undesirable results. And unwanted results cause dissatisfaction.

Once your brain is exposed to the secrets behind a magician’s tricks, the appearance of magic disappears. As does the magician’s power to deceive.

And because your brain of super lazy is oblivious to the falsehood, you become an accomplice in this pattern. Yes, your brain, in its magnificent pursuit of efficiency, is significantly undermining your ability to lead an extraordinary life.


The misunderstood reality is best exaggerated by the ancient fairy tale “Allegory of the Cave “ by the Greek philosopher Plato. The story of several prisoners who kept people in a cave throughout their lives. The prisoners are chained in such a way that they cannot move their heads or legs and are forced to stare endlessly at the cave wall. A fire burns high overhead behind people. Behind the prisoners and in front of fire there is a deep passage and a window sill. In a passage hidden behind a sill several puppeteers raised various figures, objects and forms casting shadows on the walls of prisoners. The inmates cannot see puppeteers or objects passing behind them, only their shadows framed by walls. Since these shadows are the only reality the prisoners know, they are mistakenly seen as real and relevant, even though there are diagrams behind them.

This ancient story, told over 2,000 years ago, is still relevant today.

Wikipedia defines hyperreality as “the inability of consciousness
to distinguish between reality and simulated reality, especially in technologically advanced postmodern societies.” Moreover, “hyper-reality is viewed as a state of where reality and fiction converge so that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and where the other begins.” In other words, we interact with simulations instead of truths.

Named Days

The Truth behind the shadow? There is no celestial cause or natural phenomenon behind the seven-day cycle. It takes Earth just twenty-four
hours to rotate around its axis, and the Earth does not know if it will rotate at
on Sunday or Thursday. If aliens were orbiting the Earth, people would not be recognized Monday through Sunday. No, their supercomputers would determine that one revolution of planet is equal to twenty-four hours, and one revolution around the sun equals another 365 of sequences of twenty-four hours. There are no named days for every creature on Earth. Your dog doesn’t know Sunday from Tuesday, except that you can spend more time with him on Sunday. His Sunday is Monday.

The math is real; there are no named days. In other words, the entire
is an artificial cleaning period. Monday is an illusion. Sunday is equal to Thursday. The earth is indifferent except for one creature: people.

Time is precious, Waste it Wisely