In Satyavati son Chitrangada was killed in battle against Gandharva. In
he died childless, and his brother Vichitravirya in became the legal heir and was formally crowned in and since he was a minor in, Bhishma ruled the kingdom. His name was until he grew up. When Vichitravirya reached…

After the death of the great King Santanu, Chitrangada became King of Hastinapura and he was succeeded by Vichitravirya. The latter had two sons, Dhritarashtra and Pandu. The eldest of the two was born blind, Pandu,
younger brother, ascended the throne. …

VYASA, the celebrated compiler of the Vedas, was the son of the
great sage Parashara. It was he who gave to the world the divine epic of the Mahabharata. Having conceived the Mahabharata he thought of the means of giving the sacred story to the world. …

It is no exaggeration to say that the people and events described in the
great literature of a nation influenced the national character no less strongly than the heroes and royal events enshrined in its history. …

This mental phenomenon is known as the bias of observation and is
a brain function known as the reticular activation system or RAS. Your RAS station has critical functions, one of which is a filter. At any given moment, your brain is loaded with billion data. Your RAS quickly…

“Never spend your money before you have earned it” — Thomas Jefferson.

The things you buy cost more than just money — they cost future fragments of your life, transforming FREE time into INDENTURED time.

Saving money takes discipline. And a certain amount of sacrifice.

Image sourced from Sharon McCutcheon Unsplash.

Sometimes the hardest thing about…

Anil Blaze

Time is precious, Waste it Wisely

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